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nurse call systems

The Importance of Updated Nurse Call Systems

The concept of a nurse call system is simple enough. A patient needs help, so they push a button, a light comes on in the hallway, and the computer station gets a notification. Shortly thereafter, a nurse stops by the room to see what the patient needs. In many cases, someone at the computer station

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Posted On Jun 21, 2017


Five ways CCTV can protect you and your business:

Today, CCTV (closed circuit television) is used globally to monitor and transmit video surveillance of specific areas. The advantages of this monitoring are numerous. Here is a look at the principal benefits of installing CCTV cameras in the home, business, motorways, train stations and congested areas such as airports. Advantage #1 of CCTV: The Ability

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Posted On May 23, 2017

dimmer switches

Save your business money by installing Dimmer Switches

Think “on” and “off” are your only choices when using a light switch? With affordable and easy-to-install dimmer switches, think again! A dimmer switch is like a “volume” control for your lights. It lets you turn the brightness up or down by adjusting the voltage supplied to light switches or lamps, so you can enjoy

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Posted On Apr 21, 2017

energy efficient lighting

Local Businesses ‘Seeing Green’ With Energy Efficient Lighting

Brighouse based energy efficient lighting specialist, Bannon Environmental, has praised local businesses for taking steps to ‘go green’ and reduce their energy bills. David Bannon, Managing Director of Bannon Environmental, said “We have definitely seen business owners becoming savvier about their energy usage and the steps needed to reduce their bills and carbon footprint. It’s

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Posted On Mar 14, 2017