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dimmer switches

Think “on” and “off” are your only choices when using a light switch? With affordable and easy-to-install dimmer switches, think again!

A dimmer switch is like a “volume” control for your lights. It lets you turn the brightness up or down by adjusting the voltage supplied to light switches or lamps, so you can enjoy more flexible options than simply turning the light on or off.

You may already know that custom lighting can add security, safety, and environmental benefits that boost the value of your home and business as well as your own enjoyment of being there, but what makes dimmer switches such a great investment? Let’s look at some of the advantages:


Advantage #1: Dimmer Switches Improve Energy Efficiency

Without dimmers, your only meaningful option for spending less of your energy budget on lighting is to turn the lights completely off. But who wants to live in the dark all the time?

Dimmers enable you to save by turning the lights down instead of completely off, as well as reducing usage when no one’s around. Depending on your typical energy usage on lighting, dimmer switches could save you as much as 98% on your lighting costs.

You’ll also reduce your environmental impact, regardless of the types of light bulbs you’re using.


Advantage #2: Dimmer Switches Give You Longer Bulb Life

The second way dimmer switches save you money is that you’ll buy light bulbs less often.

Dimming your lights by just 25% can save as much as 20% of the electricity required to light the bulb at “full strength,” and the bulb can last 4 times longer. Turning your lights all the way on burns them out more quickly, and in some cases, you can get as much as 3 or 4 extra years out of some bulbs when you pair them with a dimmer switch.

Lamps and lighting fixtures also last longer with dimmers. Reducing the wattage by just 10% can make a lamp last twice as long, and dimming by 50% can help it last as much as 20 times longer. In addition, “fading” the lights up instead of turning them on “full blast” all at once reduces wear and tear on lamps and fixtures, resulting in a longer life.


Advantage #3: Dimmers Let You Customize the Ambience in Your Home and Office

Dimmers give you the ability to minimise light pollution, for example, glare and sky glow, and you’re able to enjoy the freedom of adjusting lighting levels to workers’ own preferences and the flexibility to adapt different spaces to various uses, make controlled automated lighting second to none.

The workplace enhancement that automated lighting leads to often results in potentially higher employee satisfaction rates and consequently better productivity levels.

With wireless technology, whole house’s or business property’s lighting can now be revolutionised to be seamless and smart. Combine all this digital technology with Bannon Group being  IPAF qualified, City and Guilds certified, and NICEIC registered, we are definitely the right choice to facilitate the modernisation of your property’s electrical system, paving the way for a brighter, better-lit, more energy-efficient future for you and your business.


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Posted On 21 Apr , 2017