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Seeing what is going on in our local area, daydreaming and staring out of, allowing fresh air and inviting light to filter in and making a room look bigger, windows are practical, stylish and aesthetic assets to rooms at home and at work that we often take for granted.

Well-versed in all matters of construction from Building Alterations and Repairs to Bathroom Installations and Wet Rooms, our skilled and experienced team fit and repair an array of windows types, which all have an extremely low U-Value so your rooms stay insulated and warmer all year round.

Different Window Types

The window types that we install include traditional and appealing Sash Windows that seamlessly open in a vertical sliding motion and windows that are hinged at the top or side that open outwards known as Casement Windows. Sophisticated and elegant, these windows can be tailored to your unique tastes with a range of finishes available. For refreshing ventilation, practical but contemporary Tilt & Turn Windows open from the side and are extremely easy to clean.

From the latest windows to classic bay windows, our friendly and knowledgeable team are well-positioned to efficiently provide you with a window replacement, being CHAS accredited so you can be confident that all current Health and Safety and Building Regulations will be followed.

Achieving the right window types in an office or commercial setting is especially important as employees benefit from natural daylight that the right style of windows allow, while visitors appreciate lots of windows as they can help open up a room and have a relaxing effect. Our team have carried out many window replacements for businesses of all types, including floor to ceiling windows and the latest windows and can provide professional guidance on where is best to have a window and what window type to opt for.

Getting your windows serviced by us also means we can treat you to state-of-the-art window technology including shoot bolt locking and double-weather sealing for added comfort and security in your offices and home.

For you or your business to benefit from our reliable Window Replacement and Repair services or from our other Building services, simply call us on 01484 726 610. 

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Bespoke elaborate joinery, specialised joinery, full comprehensive house-builds, plus large and small scale projects.

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A structurally sound roof is vital for achieving effective insulation and reliable waterproofing properties for your building.


We fit an array of windows which all have an extremely low U-Value so your rooms stay insulated and warmer all year round.

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