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Keeping your property operating efficiently is of huge environmental importance these days, with the money and energy savings being a welcomed bonus. Bannon Group has a strong and established background in the electrical and building industries and draws on this wealth of valuable experience to install energy-efficient lighting systems, Eco-Boilers and Solar Panels and Systems into domestic, commercial and retail properties like yours.


Why Go Green With Bannon Group?

  • Our proficient and knowledgeable electricians are highly qualified in all areas of lighting design, fully equipped to devise a bespoke lighting plan that is within your set budget for you to consider and then reliably install the system you decide upon.
  • Our priority is always to ensure that your state-of-the-art lighting system serves you well by being a cleaner, more cost-effective and greener option.
  • Friendly and understanding, our team offer you support throughout every step of the process, from demonstrating how our new energy-efficient lighting systems will save you money, to fitting monitoring devices that accurately illustrate how much energy is being consumed within your property following your new lighting system installation.
  • If you are looking for alternative ways to enhance the environmental friendliness of your home or business our proficient team can suggest many ways to increase your boiler efficiency.
  • Investing in an Eco-Boiler can reduce your business or household’s carbon emissions and ensure you save money on energy bills, freeing you up to spend it in areas more beneficial and enjoyable for you or your business! There are many different types of Eco-Boiler, from biomass to hybrid and combi boilers. No matter which kind you opt for, our expert and approachable team can advise you on how to raise your boiler efficiency for the better.
  • Solar panels and powerful Solar Systems are another forward-thinking way we can help you transform your property into a more energy saving and efficient place. They provide a clean and healthy way for generating electricity using the sun’s rays, even on cloudy days. The electricity created can be exploited to power various appliances and lighting systems within your property.

Helping you along your energy saving journey is what we do best. For you or your business to benefit from our reputable Energy Saving services or to find out more about our Building or Fire and Security services simply call us on 01484 726 610.

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Bannon Group Environmental Services

LED light fittings

If it is being eco-friendly and energy-efficient that you are after, then look no further than LED lighting.

LED and T5 Conversions

Our well-seasoned electricians can install high quality LED or T5 conversions seamlessly into your existing light fittings.

Eco Boilers

We can make your property more energy-efficient by installing and maintaining intelligent Eco Boilers.

Solar Panels

Solar panels and systems can transform your property into a more energy-efficient place.

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