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Automated Dimming & Switching Systems

Automated dimming and switching lighting systems are the rising stars of the lighting industry. They work by a given input causing lighting to automatically switch off or fade. Lighting is responsible for more than 60% of a premises’ electrical bill and over 40% of the energy bill in certain industries.  It is no wonder then that automatically controlled lighting can considerably reduce energy bills and consumption levels.

The automated controls enable lights to be switched off or dimmed depending on the time of day, if the space they are responsible for illuminating is being used and the amount of accessible natural daylight.

Benefits of Automating Dimming and Switching Systems

Benefits, such as the ability to minimise light pollution, for example, glare and sky glow, being able to enjoy the freedom of adjusting lighting levels to workers’ own preferences and the flexibility to adapt different spaces to various uses, make controlled automated lighting second to none.

The workplace enhancement that automated lighting leads to often results in potentially higher employee satisfaction rates and consequently better productivity levels.

Through advanced, yet affordable home automation plugs, and/or investing in a contemporary yet cost-effective smart electrical switch or a smart home electrical panel, you can dictate and be in control of how much electricity you use instead of blindly consuming and wasting light.

Business and home automation plugs and a smart electrical switch can also be conveniently connected to your smartphone or tablet so, for example, you can dim the lights overnight in your business to make it look like the premises is occupied to deter would-be trespassers but save energy at the same time. Certain business or home automation plugs and dimmer switches can even create and store certain ‘light moods’! Having the ability and freedom to shape how much light your property uses while you’re out and about via a portable device is not only handy, it’s intelligent.

In the advent of wireless technology and innovation, whole house or business property lighting can now be revolutionised to be seamless and smart. Combine all this digital technology with Bannon Group being  IPAF qualifiedCity and Guilds certified, NICEIC registered, we are definitely the right choice to facilitate the modernisation of your property’s electrical system, paving the way for a brighter, better-lit, more energy-efficient future for you and your business.

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