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Eco Boilers

In conjunction with our energy-saving lighting systems, Bannon Group can support you in making your property more energy-efficient by installing and maintaining intelligent Eco-Boilers.

A better decision for the environment altogether is to opt for a biomass boiler, which burns wood in the form of pellets and chips to power the boiler. Very advanced biomass boilers can be totally automatic, enabling them to control the amount of fuel and air delivered into the boiler’s combustion chamber. This means that these cost-effective highly efficient types of boilers keep carbon emissions down whilst being kind to your bank balance!

Hybrid Boilers

Hybrid boilers offer the best of both worlds by having a neat controller inside them that accurately dictates when the best time to use the traditional heating method is and when the prime time to employ the renewable energy system is to supply heat, energy or water to your property. Hybrid boilers offer a winning combination of two types of boiler systems: the innovative and the traditional.

Combi and Electric Boilers

There are many types of boilers out there, which we also service in addition to hybrid and biomass boilers, including the combi boiler and the electric boiler. A combi boiler is great for saving space within a property as it serves as both a high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler in a single compact unit. This means no large and bulky hot water cylinder is needed.

An electric boiler, meanwhile, utilises electricity to generate steam in place of the usual burning of a fuel source. Electric boilers are common in hospitals, food processing factories and laundries where steam is needed for process purposes.

Financial Eco Boiler Scheme

Another incentive to embrace Eco-Boilers is the fact that the government often offers financial support in a bid to get more homes across the country stepping up to the energy efficiency mark. One such government eco scheme is the ECO boiler scheme that comes under The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), in which certain households that qualify under particular criteria are provided with grants to help them save on their energy bills while cutting their carbon emissions. For those that qualify under the government eco boiler scheme, these grants can be applied to free boiler installation or free boiler repair.

Our expert electricians will be able to provide you with helpful advice on the range of Eco-Boilers and associated options that are available, including guidance on applying for any Eco Boiler scheme that is currently available.

For your business to benefit from our reliable Eco-Boiler installation and maintenance services or other Environmental services simply call us on 01484 726 610. 

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Eco Boilers

We can make your property more energy-efficient by installing and maintaining intelligent Eco Boilers.

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