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Free Energy Surveys

If you have liked what you have read or seen on our website so far, you may be open to benefitting from a Bannon Group Free Energy Survey, making energy management a priority for your business. Sometimes businesses and facilities can be wasting energy and therefore valuable finances in areas that they were not even aware of and this is money they could be put to much better use elsewhere.

  • In early 2017 it was reported that The Carbon Trust estimated that SMEs could together save almost £400 million per year in energy costs and over 2.5 million tonnes of CO2. How? Simply by reducing their carbon footprints- and that’s not even considering how much larger originations could save!
  • Vastly experienced in all the main energy management and power saving techniques, such as energy-efficient LED Lights Fittings, Eco Boilers and Solar Panels, our pleasant and qualified team can proficiently pinpoint any weaknesses in your energy strategy and highlight areas where there is scope for improvement in a simple, yet effective free energy audit.
  • In a very short amount of time, our efficient and informative energy survey can prove to an eye-opening experience, highlighting bad habits certain departments of your business have fallen into, accurately determining ways in which your company could curb its energy usage in easier ways than you may have previously thought.
  • Once you’re aware of where energy is being wasted it’s a lot easier to right the wrongs and save money!
  • A brilliant opportunity to get to know our friendly team, find out what we offer, learn about us and see our systems for yourself, our Free Energy Surveys are available at a time of your convenience in West Yorkshire and across the wider UK.
  • Your business could soon have a glowing reputation for being environmentally and energy conscious it can be proud of.
  • Investing in a free energy audit acts as your business’ first steps towards valuable and successful energy management, which sets your company up for a sound ecological and economical future.

To arrange your Free Energy Survey today or for your business to benefit from our other Environmental services, simply call us on 01484 726 610.

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LED light fittings

If it is being eco-friendly and energy-efficient that you are after, then look no further than LED lighting.

LED and T5 Conversions

Our well-seasoned electricians can install high quality LED or T5 conversions seamlessly into your existing light fittings.

Eco Boilers

We can make your property more energy-efficient by installing and maintaining intelligent Eco Boilers.

Solar Panels

Solar panels and systems can transform your property into a more energy-efficient place.

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