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LED and T5 Conversions into Existing Fitting

What Are T5 Light Bulbs?

You may have heard of LED lights but do you know what T5 lights are? The letter ‘T’ stands for ‘tubular,’ the shape of a lamp and is the simple code used to label the different sizes of fluorescent bulbs, their lamp tube diameter and their different energy-efficiency levels. T5 light bulbs are 5/8” of an inch in diameter making a T5 tube very narrow. These T5 light bulbs are deemed more energy-efficient than their T8 or T12 counterparts and are similar to power-saving eco-friendly LED lights in this sense.

Upgrading to T5 Light Bulbs

Many reasons exist to upgrade your ageing lighting infrastructure that uses T12 or T8 bulbs into smarter T5 light bulbs, not least the money you could save from not having to replace and maintain the bulbs as much and pay for labour and materials. A T5 bulb has a life expectancy ranging from 30,000 to 42,000 hours depending on how you use it, making the typical T12 bulb’s 18,000-hour standard life pale in comparison.

The Lumen Factor, which is simply the amount of light a fluorescent light fixture or bulb emits, is greater in T5 bulbs than in older T12 light. This means better light quality for longer, with more modern light fixtures losing less than 20% of their light output over a bulb’s lifespan.

In fluorescent lighting, the ballast is the part which controls the current that reaches the lamp and supplies the necessary voltage to power the lamps. T5 ballasts and bulbs burn much fewer watts than T12 fixtures, providing another tempting reason for you or your business to upgrade to T5 light bulbs.

Upgrading to LED Light Bulbs

If you already have modern T5 light fittings in your property you may wish to reap the rewards of 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, durable and long-lasting LED lights and may be tempted to convert T5 to LED lighting. Being IPAF qualifiedCity and Guilds certified, NICEIC registered, Bannon Group can efficiently convert T5 to LED for you with minimal disruption to your business operations.

By investing in a T5 LED replacement, you can benefit from one of the most energy-efficient light sources currently available. Electricity is not lost via heat in LED fittings unlike in traditional lighting, meaning about 80% of electrical energy would be converted into light with your clean and green T5 LED replacement.

No matter if you require a T5 retrofit conversion, which adapts light fittings designed to use T8 format lamps for T5 use or are just looking to embrace LED lighting that can do wonders for the environment, our experienced electricians can install high-quality LED or T5 conversions seamlessly into your existing light fittings.

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