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LED Light Fittings

If it is being eco-friendly and energy-efficient that you are after, then look no further than LED lighting. Standing for Light Emitting Diode, LED bulbs are a two-lead semiconductor source of light and work thanks to the constant activity of the electrons in the semiconductor material within the bulb. When the right amount of voltage makes contact with the leads the electrons release energy in the form of protons.

Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions

LED light fixtures bring with them a bounty of benefits. The clean and green light source is renowned for its longevity, so much so that you could leave a LED light fixture on for 8 hours a day and it would take roughly two decades before you would have to replace the bulb.

Electricity is not lost via heat in LED fittings unlike in traditional lighting. This makes LEDs one of the most energy-efficient light sources converting about 80% of electrical energy into light. Practically speaking, LED fittings can disperse light towards desired and specified locations without using an external reflector, plus Automated Dimming and Switching Systems can be incorporated, making them even more efficient.

Free of toxic chemicals and made from 100% recyclable materials, LEDs emit very little infrared light and virtually no UV emissions making them truly great for the environment.

Popular due to their suitability for outdoor as well as indoor usage, LED lighting solutions can cope well in extremely cold and very hot settings, whilst being resistant to public and weather exposure in outdoor surroundings and highly durable.

Power-saving and smart, LED lighting solutions are right for almost any situation and boast flexible design qualities, meaning they can come in any shape, whilst producing stunning lighting effects, which are great for soothing your mind and calming your mood!

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LED light fittings

If it is being eco-friendly and energy-efficient that you are after, then look no further than LED lighting.

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