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Solar Panels & Solar Systems

Solar Panels and Systems are another forward-thinking way we can help you transform your property into a more energy-efficient place.

Otherwise known as solar photovoltaics (PV), solar panel efficiency systems catch energy from the sun using their photovoltaic cells. These clever cells, which are made from a semiconducting material, typically silicon, convert light from the sun into useful electricity as an electric field is generated across the different photovoltaic cells. The electricity produced can be used to provide lighting and power to various appliances.

Solar panels are usually mounted to a building’s roof and can generate green solar energy, which is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), even on cloudy days.

Why go solar?

You can’t deny the benefits of solar panel efficiency. We are never short of daylight, which is free of charge so, following the installation of your solar panels from the onset, you will no doubt see a welcomed decline in your energy bills. As an important bonus, you can reduce your carbon footprint as solar electricity does not release any damaging pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

Another tempting motivation to go solar is the financial rewards the government often gives to those who embrace long-term green forms of energy for their homes or businesses, including using a solar system to generate electricity in their property.

The Feed-In Tariff is one such financial incentive. It entails the government paying a domestic solar energy user for every kWh of energy they produce, including the energy they use (known as the generation tariff) and even for the energy they generate but do not use (via the export tariff). The money solar system users receive is tax-free and is received over twenty years, so you get a great return on investment.

To read more about the financial incentives to go solar, click here. Alternatively, our friendly and knowledgeable team can provide you with advice and guidance on applying for grants and current government initiatives.

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