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An organisation’s premises are only as good as its levels of safety and security systems. Employees and students are likely to be unproductive and distracted if they do not feel comfortable and secure in their work or school environment. Having a reasonable standard of business security to protect people at work and helping them feel safe in the workplace is also a basic right every employer should fulfil.

Based in Yorkshire, Bannon Group has earned themselves a glowing reputation for providing high-quality fire and security systems and efficient installations that never let you down. Under our Bannon Fire & Security branch, we apply our extensive electrical expertise and knowledge to master the delicate balance between powerful visible deterrents such as CCTV, Security Grilles and Brackets and Intruder Alarms and seamless and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

The Law

By law, business and organisation property owners are obliged to supply sufficient commercial fire alarm systems to protect their building’s occupants. We can help your company meet all the right rules and regulations while providing state-of-the-art solutions such as Access Control, Emergency Lighting and Gate Automation.

The intuitive alarm systems we maintain and fit are not just limited commercial Fire Alarm systems and Intruder Alarms. We also supply maintenance services for Nurse Call Systems providing vigilance to protect those who are vulnerable when they need it the most.

Having fool-proof security measures, such as commercial fire alarm systems, in place can do wonders for insurance premiums and put you emotionally at ease, keeping you focused on tasks at hand rather than worried about business security.

We deliver a fully comprehensive service, covering everything from electrical planning and system design, to installations in your commercial or retail property for added peace of mind. From in-depth expert security consultations to alarm installations, we deliver innovative solutions on a large and small scale to a diverse range of organisations that include: factories, landlords, commercial properties and residential housing.

For your business to benefit from our reputable Fire and Safety Services or to find out about our other Building and Electrical services, simply call us on 01484 726 610. 

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Bannon Group Fire & Safety Services

Nurse Call

Reliable installation, first-class rewiring and maintenance for innovative Nurse Call systems and associated technology.

Access Control

From impenetrable keypads, to voice activated systems, the Access Control methods we employ are reliable


You can be confident that we can fit the right CCTV camera for you to fully fulfil your needs.

Intruder Alarms

A business is less likely to get burgled if there is a professionally fitted intruder alarm system present.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms can be linked with other systems, such as sprinkler systems or warning the local fire department.

Gate Automation

A variety of gates are available each with advantages, such as wide opening angles & brushless low voltages.

Security Grills

Security grills add an extra layer of physical security to commercial properties or residential buildings.

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