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The British Security Industry Association estimated in May 2016 that there were between 4 million and 5.9 million CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK. The fact that the cameras serve as such an internationally recognisable and visible deterrent explains why such huge numbers of them exist nationwide and all over the world.

Types of CCTV Cameras

Standing for ‘closed-circuit-television’, CCTV is available in two types: traditional analogue systems and more modern IP-based cameras. Analogue systems work by having a set of dedicated wires connected to a recording device and a series of monitors. Videos are recorded and kept onsite.

IP-based cameras, in contrast, offer better quality and sharper focused images, in higher resolution. They also boast better flexibility and scalability when scrutinising images up close, the handy ability to programme your network to flag occurrences that happen in the camera’s line of vision- such as motion detection or tampering with the camera itself- and the power to email video images for experts to cast their eye over in inspection.

Inconspicuous ‘Box’ cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on specific areas, whilst discreet indoor and outdoor ‘Dome’ cameras can be manually directed in a desired location with day/night abilities. Meanwhile, wide-ranging ‘Bullet’ cameras can also target specific areas, while multipurpose ‘Point-Tilt-Zoom’ cameras allow you to look at what you want when you want.

Any business owner should be concerned about implementing strong and sound security that doesn’t let them down no matter what industry they work in- their business confidential documents and the technology and machinery inside their commercial premises deserves protection and their staff have a right to feel comfortable and secure after all.

A business is only as safe as its security is successful. With many CCTV cameras being situated outside, they are vulnerable to the elements and unfortunately often fall prey to vandalism so having access to reliable CCTV repair services is essential.

When it comes to security maintenance you need to know that those responsible for keeping your security technology working effectively are up to the job. Being IPAF qualifiedCity and Guilds certified and NICEIC registered means our expert electricians are your first port of call when it comes to initial CCTV camera installation, set up and ongoing maintenance.

You can be confident that we can fit the right type CCTV camera for you, fully fulfilling your needs from the CCTV camera installation stage, through to upgrades and repairs, supplying professional advice when you need it.

For your business to benefit from our reliable CCTV Camera installation, CCTV repair and maintenance services or from our other Fire and Security services, simply call us on 01484 726 610. 

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You can be confident that we can fit the right CCTV camera for you to fully fulfil your needs.

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