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Emergency Lighting

Often deemed vital for modern workplaces, emergency lights illuminate your way when you need it the most. They operate by using a battery which serves as reserve power and is constantly charged.

Emergency lighting can smartly detect when electricity has failed and automatically and rapidly makes the switch to using the reserve battery. In a bid to save more power when the main lights fail, the light output is further reduced, typically to 10% of the usual lighting levels, which is still sufficient brightness to be able to navigate a room and negotiate an emergency.


Lighting regulations go together with obstruction recommendations. For instance, the fastest and safest non-obstructed escape route of a building should be lit during an emergency, with it being mandatory for the exit doors to have lit up ‘Emergency Exit Signs’. Escape routes that are also nominated corridors are another important example of areas that need to be unobstructed and illuminated in emergencies, as are stairwells.

The Bannon Group Emergency Lighting Process

At Bannon Group, we apply our experience and expertise to installing both Maintained Emergency Light Fittings and Non- Maintained Emergency Light Fittings.  Maintained Emergency Light Fittings are controlled in the same way as other nearby lights but with the feature of resuming operation at a lower rate during power failures. Non-Maintained Emergency Light Fittings, however, are usually turned off but have batteries that are constantly charged. Examples of these types of lights are Emergency Exit Signs that are separate from the main lighting network.

After completing the installation of emergency lighting and all the technical work required regarding emergency lighting wiring, or following the end of major alterations or additions to emergency lighting wiring or emergency lighting installations, we always issue you, as the occupier or owner of the business premises with an official Emergency Lighting Certificate. This Emergency Lighting Certificate should be kept safe as the local authority may also request a copy.

Testing emergency lighting, including emergency lighting wiring, should be carried out annually. In the event of annual tests, you’ll be issued with an Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Test Certificate. Emergency lighting certificates simply outline dates and information of the inspection and details about any alterations made and remedial action taken.

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