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Gate Automation

For any enterprise, large or small, the most basic form of security is often a gate accompanied by a robust fence. Serving as a visible and obvious barrier to potential trespassers, with the advent of modern smart technology the simple and humble gate can now be modified and updated to allow for innovative automation and intuitive features.

Being available over and underground, giving owners the chance to attach helpful CCTV cameras to help them monitor who wishes to enter their commercial premises and being enhanced with a savvy intercom system so owners can communicate with those asking for entry into the grounds, all make gate automation an attractive security measure.

On a basic level, gate automation also serves as a physical blockade and deterrent to would-be intruders sending out the powerful message that the business in question clearly makes their security a priority.

Gate Automation Options

A wide variety of gates is available, for example sliding gates and swinging gates, each with advantages. These benefits include wide opening angles of up to 180 degrees, brushless low voltages and even advanced obstacle detection for a smooth opening motion. Our team can offer advice, as well as practical help in the upkeep and installation of electric gates to keep those in your property feeling safe, secure and prepared.

Some people are dissuaded from being proactive about security as they regard preventative systems, such as gate automation, as physically unattractive. Fortunately, a variety of ascetically pleasing paint colours, styles and finishes are available for gates and hinges.

Being IPAF qualifiedCity and Guilds certified and NICEIC registered means our expert electricians can apply their knowledge and experience to delivering the very best automatic gate installation service to you. Working efficiently with minimal disruption to you, our electric gate installers can also supply high-quality repair and maintenance services to your gate automation system.

When used in conjunction with Security Grilles, CCTV and Intruder Alarms, investing in a new automatic gate installation for your property offers your business, employees and assets the perfect protection and security solution.

For your business to benefit from our reliable Gate Automation and maintenance services from our electric gate installers or from our other Fire and Security services, simply call us on 01484 726 610. 

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