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Nurse Call

In an emergency, when time is of the essence, you need the technology you depend on in urgent situations to work efficiently and effectively. In certain circumstances, having devices such as Nurse Call Systems work successfully and smoothly could make all the difference.

By law, hospitals and hospices are required to have a Nurse Alarm System easily within reach of patients’ beds should an emergency arise. Working alongside care homes, hospices, assisted living complexes and hospitals, we provide reliable installation, first-class rewiring and maintenance services to innovative Nurse Call Systems and associated technology.

Benefits of Our Nurse Call Systems Service

  • Our experienced and friendly team visit your site and assess what your organisation’s needs are before putting the best system into action- a Nurse Call System that is safe, effective, responsive and will not let you or those who are vulnerable and in your care down.
  • Our pleasant and knowledgeable staff are always happy to take the time to show all the necessary personnel how to operate the accessible emergency call system, which they install efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily operations and routine.
  • Modern and excelling at facilitating clear and essential communication, alerting staff to calls enabling them to stay vigilant, the Nurse Call Systems we recommend will be easy to use and visually and audibly suitable to all situations and abilities.
  • The adaptable Nurse Alarm Systems we fit are guaranteed to increase the response time of medical staff, make nursing personnel feel more informed and ready and enable patients and vulnerable people to feel safe and reassured.

For your business to benefit from our reliable Nurse Call maintenance and installation services or from our other Fire and Security services, simply call us on 01484 726 610. 

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Nurse Call

Reliable installation, first-class rewiring and maintenance for innovative Nurse Call systems and associated technology.

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