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What if your employees could be happier and more efficient? What if you could save on your business’ energy bills and be more environmentally friendly? Brightening up working environments whilst reducing the carbon footprint of businesses and organisations are important priorities to Bannon Group. As expert electricians and LED electrical specialists, we offer free consultations and Lighting Audits for a diverse range of organisations including those in retail, warehousing, factories, education and offices.

Simply contact our Environmental and Electrical team to arrange an on-site Lighting Audit and consultation at a time that is convenient for you free of charge. Our professional and knowledgeable team will deliver an insightful and in-depth presentation of your new free Lighting Design, Savings Scheme and Payback Scheme.


How Does A Free Lighting Audit Transform My Business?


As LED electrical and lighting specialists, we know all about the power-saving qualities and cost effectiveness of LED panels and lighting and how your business can make the most of them. Our Free Lighting Audit will transform your business by:

  • Saving you money. LED electrical panels and bulbs are one of the most efficient light sources, converting about 80% of electrical energy into light, meaning you save more on your energy bills.
  • Pay for themselves. LED electrical lights are durable and last a long time so you avoid having to fork out for cheap and common bulbs.
  • Boost your green reputation. Made from 100% recyclable materials and free from toxic chemicals, the fact that LED panels and lights are so energy-efficient make them great for the environment and create an enviable reputation of your business embracing the greener option.
  • Pinpoint weaknesses. Our Free Lighting Audits are carried out by experienced and certified electricians and experts so areas for improvement can be identified and addressed.
  • Productive staff. Studies have shown that better quality lighting to illuminate the workplace elevates moods. This, in turn, increase morale and motivation, leading to a rise in efficiently and results for your business!
  • Get ahead. If you are planning to move to a new build premises we can survey your new space and recommended the best possible LED lighting system to benefit your business and stimulate your team.


For a free no obligation consultation or to arrange your Free Lighting Audit contact us today on 01484 726 610.



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