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Local Businesses Seeing Green With Energy Efficient Lighting

energy efficient lighting

Brighouse based energy efficient lighting specialist, Bannon Environmental, has praised local businesses for taking steps to ‘go green’ and reduce their energy bills.

David Bannon, Managing Director of Bannon Environmental, said “We have definitely seen business owners becoming savvier about their energy usage and the steps needed to reduce their bills and carbon footprint. It’s a very positive trend and we’re happy to see it continue to increase”.

Bannon Environmental are local leading energy efficient lighting installers, working closely with businesses across West Yorkshire with the installation of products such as LED bulbs. Having started out as a typical lighting installer, the business has rebranded to match the growing demand for intelligent lighting systems and the latest green technologies.

While there have been significant cuts on subsidies for energy efficient products by the government, such as the feed in tariff for solar power, Bannon Environmental have not seen a significant change in demand as prices continue to fall in the sector and the savings become more evident.

“Like many of the products in the green industries, lighting has seen a pattern in recent years of reducing costs and increasing performance, and it is now at the stage where it’s just as viable now for local businesses as the large warehouse based companies who first adopted the measures” Mr Bannon stated.

“We’ve been dealing with the likes of furniture companies, jewellers and even nurseries who wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are these measures helping the environment but the cost savings can be really incredible, one of our clients actually managed to take on a new member of staff for their store with the money they saved”.

Bannon Environmental has now begun offering free energy audits for those customers in Yorkshire looking at new energy efficiency measures to see what kind of savings they can make, and helping to inform others of the benefits to their business.

Posted On 14 Mar , 2017