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Switching to LED lighting can transform your business - Infographic

Switching to LED lighting can transform your business – infographic

More and more businesses around the UK are switching to LED lighting and they are seeing the great benefits of changing. Below we list some of the benefits of switching to LED lighting can transform your business – infographic.

Benefit #1: Reduce your carbon footprint

Up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and with drastically lower power consumption, LED’s are kinder to the environment, without compromising the level of light they produce.

Benefit #2: Save up to 80% on your energy bills

Reduced power consumption means lower energy bills and more profits for your business. payback periods from the energy savings alone, can be achieved in as little as 9 months.

Benefit #3: Zero maintenance costs

With no electrical ballasts or component parts, your LED system, once installed, requires no maintenance or bulb changing whatsoever. Thats zero interruption – and further cost savings – for your business.

Benefit #4: Long life warranties

The lights maintain their effectiveness for up to 50,000 hours, unlike traditional bulbs which lose their brightness in only a matter of months. That’s peace of mind your investment is protected for up to 5 years.

Benefit #5: Improved lux levels

Protect employee health and safety.

Achieve HSE compliance.

Up to 30% LUX levels.

this ensures consistently better working conditions for staff, and will help you avoid prosecution should an incident occur.






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Posted On 06 Mar , 2018